The Health Benefits Of Swimming

Swimming is great way to exercise as it benefits are significant to all people regardless of age, gender or other special abilities or inabilities. Swimming is usually a kind of special fitness activity for pregnant mothers, people with injuries and even athletes. These benefits are not just physical; swimming also promotes mental and emotional well-being. It there does not come as a surprise that many fitness coaches, physical therapists and psychologists highly recommend swimming as a vital training program to stay fit. The following factors make swimming the ideal method to get you in shape quickly.

You Enjoy The Whole Package.

The beauty of swimming is that, you get to exercise almost all upper and lower muscles of your body at the same time. Provided every stroke is done well and repetition, your muscles continue to grow and become more flexible. Of all the three forms of matter, water provides the greatest resistance compared to land and air. This means that every time you swim the endurance of your muscles increase. Unlike other workouts where different exercises have to be done to build different muscle groups, swimming is an all in one fitness exercise.

Improving Your General Health condition.

Building your muscles and your strength helps you stay healthy and makes you less prone to chronic diseases like heart conditions, cancer and diabetes. Swimming is known to improve the cardiovascular system. As you swim, you keep holding your breath and come out to breathe in a systematic manner. This way, you will have a greater lung capacity meaning that the nature of your breathing remains consistent.

Mental well-being, emotional well-being and heightened spirits.

Swimming is a unique type of exercise as it helps to sooth and relaxes the mind, body and soul. After a long day’s work, swimming will calm you down and your brain gets to relax. In this relaxed state, your mind functions best and you will be surprised that you will find solutions to a problem that has been bugging you all day while in the swimming pool. Since swimming is demanding and challenging, your mind also becomes stronger and you will be able to deal with the stresses of life in a good manner.


Other forms of workouts expose you to a lot of danger in form of accidents in the gym or maybe you can twist your ankle or break a knee when jogging. On the other hand, swimming is a very safe way to exercise since the pools are always under the watchful eye of a life guard or two. There are also alarm systems that are used in the pool to alert the guards of any impending danger. Provided you get proper training from a professional, you cannot drown or experience any challenges when swimming.

When it comes to your health, you can never be too careful as nothing can be taken to chance. Swimming helps you exercise all your muscles without having to incorporate other workout routines to your program. It helps you stay fit, have good health and sooth your mind as spirits.

Article Source: Paramount Pools – Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Why Swimming is the Best Exercise

Swimming is one of the best things you can do to improve your health. Whether you swim in a pool or a clear lake, in a babbling river or in a calm ocean, this is one of the best forms of exercise you can possibly get. If you need some more convincing, here are some of the benefits to this form of exercise:

– Amazing Cardio

Stay heart-healthy. Swimming is excellent aerobic exercise, boosting lung capacity and getting the heart muscle working. Even a quick swim can get the heart going and ensure that you stay happy and healthy in all the years to come.

– Total Body Workout

Swimming is a workout for the whole body. It strengthens your arms, legs, shoulders, glutes and core, leaving you stronger and more evenly toned than other forms of exercise.

– Low Impact

While working out the whole body, swimming is also good for the joints. It allows you to ease the pressure and work free the tension without damaging or further injuring sensitive joints. This means that swimming is good for everyone.
Girl swimming the crawl stroke


– Confidence Boosting

Swimming can give you great confidence – not only when it makes you fit and strong, but also just in itself. As you move through the water, totally in tune with the medium around you, you can feel empowered. Being a swimmer will also give you more confidence to try more things on the water. Why not go for a kayaking adventure? Or learn to surf? Swimming could lead you to a whole range of water sports.

– Great Fun

Swimming can be a mood booster. The exercise will boost your serotonin levels and leave you feeling great – really energised and happy. Try it and you will see just how much fun it really can be and how good it can make you feel.

– Still not convinced?

If swimming still doesn’t really seem like your thing, perhaps you are stuck in the mindset that swimming has to be done in a busy chlorinated pool. That is not necessarily the case. Swimming can be a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but wherever you swim and whatever your motives, swimming is still good for your body and your mind. Think of some of the amazing swimming experiences you could have:

– Swimming in a heated pool in a luxurious marble lined spa. – In another pool, outdoors in the warm sun, before relaxing poolside with a well-earned cocktail in hand. – Taking a dip in warm springs beneath a glacier topped volcano. – Swimming beneath a waterfall in a tropical jungle. – Swimming across a beautiful sandy-bottomed bay. – Bathing in a perfect blue lagoon. – Swimming in a river as kingfishers swoop and dive above you. – Snorkelling and swimming above reefs teeming with colourful fish. – A bracing swim in summer in a cold loch to a secret island with a crumbling castle ruin. – Swimming with dolphins in seas cold or warm.

There are so many wonderful swimming experiences to be had, which is why swimming is one of the best types of exercise.